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The History of Thornfield House.

Thornfield House was built sometime before the publication of Morley Ancient and Modern by William Smith in 1866. To accompany the pen and ink drawing of the house Smith says,”In front of the farmstead stands Thornfield House, the residence of William Jackson Esq.

This building is a good specimen of that class of residences which spring up as a result of commercial prosperity. It is a modern erection, and, with its beautiful entrance porch, clustered chimneys, bay windows, and commanding situation, is a picturesque object in the landscape”.


In 1920 Thornfield House became the home of Integrity Lodge. The Lodge minutes from May 26th 1920 record that, “The business of the Lodge concerned the purchase of the Thornfield House Estate, Morley from the trustees of the late Wm. Jackson.” And, from July 21st “At an ordinary meeting, after full discussion, it was resolved that Integrity Lodge move from The Temple, Commercial Street, Morley to Thornfield House, Morley on August 1st.”


Old image of Thornfield House